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Kingfisher Prep tutors are experts in subjects from math to foreign language. No matter the subject, we can pair you with a tutor who help you fill in knowledge gaps, study for tests, plan out long-term assignments, and turn in work that demonstrates mastery of the material.

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SAT and ACT prep doesn't have to be painful. Our standardized test tutors are engaging, kind, and have encyclopedic knowledge of the tests. We also have tutors for the ISEE (all levels), SSAT, SHSAT, GMAT, MCAT, and LSAT. If you're stressed about a standardized test, let us help you create a study plan, give you strategies to answer tough questions, and fill in any knowledge gaps.


Our expert coaches can help you select colleges, work through the application and essay-writing process, and provide support along the journey to your dream school.

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