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Our Journey

In 2015, Nathaniel, our CEO and Head Tutor, graduated from Yale and started working for several different tutoring companies in New York City. He tutored the children of celebrities, performed outreach to underprivileged students, and even commuted for hours to reach individual students. He loved meeting with his students and their families, but felt limited by the companies he was working for.
After a few years of this he realized that he could have more reach and teach students more effectively if he set his own rules and created his own company. Kingfisher Prep was born. We believe that education isn’t just about getting the right answer: it’s about developing a relationship between student and mentor, so that the bright minds of tomorrow can experience the expertise, pedagogy, and kindness of the bright minds of today.
Now, with several online courses and a full schedule each year, Nathaniel and the other tutors at Kingfisher Prep are able to provide top-tier education to students all over the world. Education shouldn’t be limited to your city, state, or country: it should be widely accessible so that anyone interested in improving their academics, test scores, or college admissions essays can find the best instructors in the world.

Nathaniel has tutored full-time in New York City and Los Angeles since he graduated from Yale University in 2015. His students’ ages range from 7-40, and he is always delighted to make connections with new families. He’s a standardized test pro, and his students have emerged victorious from the ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, ACT, SAT, AP, and IB exams, as well as increased in-class test scores with his help and guidance. Every one of his standardized test students has gotten into at least one of their top three schools, with some winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships.


When students work with Nathaniel to apply to high school or college, he helps them craft essays that are authentic, powerful, and effective. He teaches them how to level from formal academic writing and tell their story in a personal, persuasive way. It is his favorite subject to tutor, and he derives great joy from seeing the work his students create.


Nathaniel has also tutored all levels of math, science, history, and English from elementary to high school: students often take lessons with him for years, even through college. His training in executive functioning has helped his students with learning disabilities, including ADHD, dyslexia, and dysgraphia. He is fluent in Spanish and also speaks French, Italian, and some German. As a performer he has traveled to over 55 countries, and he has lived abroad in Ireland, the UK, Italy, Germany, and South America.

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