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The Points-Captured System

Updated: Apr 5

One of the most effective ways to measure performance on the ACT or SAT is with the points-captured system. It works like this.

Say a student takes a diagnostic ACT and scores a 20 out of 36. That means there are 16 more points that the student could potentially score. If they take the ACT again and score a 24, that means they have captured 4 out of 16, or 25%, of the points.

Every Grove Prep student who takes regular, one-hour weekly lessons for at least 12 weeks has captured at least 50% of the points on their exam. This is far above average, and we are proud of the results our students achieve.

Here are some statistics from recent Grove Prep students who took at least 12 weeks of regular lessons:

Cali (ACT): 26 to 35, 90% points captured

Nicole (ACT): 24 to 34, 83.3% points captured

Rohan (ACT): 28 to 34 , 75% points captured

Margaux (SAT): 1240 to 1420, 50% points captured

The takeaway from this: consistent practice is the best way to raise scores. Our tutors know the content of the SAT and ACT right side up and upside down, and the testing strategies they teach in conjunction help our students raise their scores dramatically.

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